CJM Stage 1 Return Fuel System

UpdatesCJM is proud to offer the ONLY billet VQ35DE rails with on-board dampers. Over the years, we have found that some DE's experience ill side effects as a result of removing all the fuel pulsation dampers. What can occur are lean spots at specific RPMs that cause stuttering and hesitation, and no compensation through tuning appears to help. Our original fuel rails without damper provisions have been discontinued. The slight increase in system cost is due to several additional components related to the dampers.

Information; With several hundreds of kits sold, the CJ Motorsports Stage 1 RFS for the 350z and G35 has been the choice of tuners and DIY'ers for several years.

Every hose in the kit has crimped fittings on Teflon hoses. By adding a stainless steel braiding to the hoses to increase pressure tolerance and protect the lines, and rubber coating on most lines to protect your vehicles components and wiring harness from the abrasion of stainless braiding, we have actually exceeded OEM quality.

The CJM Stage 1 kit was the first to shorten the factory 5/16 hardpipe and include a compression fitting to re-route the fuel lines away from the sources of high heat; the exhaust manifolds and turbochargers on the TT vehicles. The fuel lines cross over to the transmission bellhousing and come up the rear of the engine straight into the rails.

This system was also the first RFS conversion to utilize a "return correction", which is a vital modification kit for the fuel pump assembly which allows you to convert to a RFS but still retain the factory venturi siphons. These siphons are absolutely required in order to use the entire volume of fuel in the tank (rather than half), and allow the swirl can to properly function.

Our stage 1 kit was designed from the beginning to be compatable with our stage 2 and stage 3 upgrade kits. This means no parts go to waste as you upgrade your system around your needs.

We are the only to offer a complete fuel system kit compatable with the G35S, which has a unique fuel pump assembly.

The CJM S1 Fuel Path; Your fuel pump assembly sends the fuel into the factory hardpipe. Your factory hardpipe is shortened and ends just under the passenger's feet. From there, it travels through our hardpipe adapter fitting, into a -8 hose (heat wrapped) over to the transmission bell-housing area. It goes up, into a Y fitting where it splits into pair of -6 hoses and into the rear of the fuel rails (fixed with SS bolts). Out the front of each fuel rail is a -6 hose that cross each others path and loop back along side the rails and into the fuel pressure regulator. From the regulator, the fuel enters the -6 return line, and goes back into the fuel pump assembly via the return correction.

Note; You may opt to disclude the Nissan dampers, o-rings, and clamp plates, if you have a discounted source for Nissan parts.

CJM Stage 1 Return Fuel System
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